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We think is an very effective dating site, which is totally free for women, and keeps the female to male ratio higher than most other sites.
Effective for straight and possibly lesbian interests but not suitable for gay men.

Note also that Wildmatch has merged with,, and you will probably not notice much difference as all three sites have always shared the same database!
...and a further word of caution... We highly recommend that you join but be aware that Wild match and Bangmatch are basically the same site and share the same don't join both of them!...

What YOU say... sex dating site. sex personals


Including reviews from both before and after the big merger with milf4u, sexaffair, and sex2go...!

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Reviewed by: Jane
Country: USA
Date: 22/06/06
Review Text:

Bit pissed actually! Yep I get lots of responses, but mostly from no-hopers!

Lots of new members every day though, so there's gotta be someone worth replying to!

Editorial Comment:  
Reviewed by: Carrie
Country: USA
Date: 03/09/06
Review Text:

Well I'm having a ball (lots actually!). is a wicked site!

Editorial Comment:  
Reviewed by: Jack
Country: UK
Date: 17/11/06
Review Text:

Ok...the membership setup has changed a bit from Sexaffair etc....but the database is just the same and there seem to be just as many new it's all good!

Editorial Comment:  
Reviewed by: Ana
Country: UK
Date: 17/11/06
Review Text:

As Jack says...there have been some changes at, but I am getting just the same (high!) number of responses as before.... But please, guys...write something interesting!...or you won't get a reply!

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